Instructions for use

Temporary Cement Dissolver 0.25mm. Ingredients: Ethanol Amin, Triton x 100, KOH
Temp-off-dissolves zinc oxide based temporary cements with or without Eugenol.
Temp-off-is designed for external use only.
Temp-off-dissolves a homogenic layer of 0.25 mm from the old cement, to leave a space
for new application.

Remove the restoration from the tooth

Rinse it under tap water for few seconds

Place it into the immersion dish so that the liquid would cover the whole restoration.

The recommended "virtual time" for soaking is 10 min.

After soaking take the restoration out of the immersion dish with tweezers, rinse it under tap water for few sec.

And then spray it with the
triple syringe for 3-5 sec. to remove the remaining cement

when using the triple syringe, the restoration must face outward, to prevent the spray reaching the eyes.

After rinsing, some cement “islands” can be seen. It means that the space between the restoration and the prepared tooth is larger than 0.25 mm., it is not necessary to remove those “islands” as they serves as relining for the new cement.

The restoration is now ready for recementing

For professional use only. Keep in cool and shaded place.
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