A must have cement dissolver in every dental clinic!

Temp-Off is a revolutionary liquid that dissolves all temporary cements zinc oxide based with and without Eugenol. Temp-Off removes homogeneous layer of 0.25mm from old cement. No need of ultrasonic bath.

Tempoff demo video

temp Off - dental



Saving of Chair time

temp Off - dental

The removal of the temporary cement is performed by the dentist or his dental assistant; in both cases, this is a waste of their valuable Chair time!

Health and Safety

temp Off - dental

Until now, the use of sharp instruments were used. This procedure endanger the operator by accidental injuries.
Temp-off removes this risk.


temp Off - dental

As all the temporary restorations are acrylic, and, as stated earlier, the cleaning process is mechanical, the main problem is breakage:
1. Breakage at the edges
2. Breakage of the bridge at a contact point
3. Perforation.

No-Contamination of the clinic

temp Off - dental

The particles resulting from the removal of the temporary cement falls on the clinic floor, and contaminate the environment.

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